OSD Lab 3 – Setting up Thimble and Working on a local machine

Thimble is an open source project by Mozilla, to provide a simple live code editor for html pages. To develop and work on thimble, one must be able to set it up locally. In order to get it to work I had to download and install the following software :

  1. Node.js
  2. Virtual Box
  3. Vagrant
  4. Brackets

Node.js is required in order to launch a copy of brackets locally, it was simply installed from the main website. Virtual box and vagrant go hand in hand with that vagrant uses virtual box to run a script in order to set up the virtual machine, downloading the required software and providing live updates when the changes are made to the files. Finally the last piece if a copy of Mozilla brackets fork, which is a embedded program in the thimble that actually does the editorial work.

After downloading all of those program and launching their respective services, I was able to launch thimble locally.



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