Release 0.1 Fixing a bug in Thimble

For the first release of class OSD600, I choose to fix a bug found in the thimble project ran by mozilla. The issue located here:

Was a minor bug in the code editor which caused the font size to have a minimum of 1px and maximum of 72px when using the increase/decrease font size buttons. The first real challange was installing the necessary components in order to reproduce the bug locally. To go about this, I installed thimble and brackets locally and after some debugging was able to get the server running and able to reproduce the issue.


Now to figure out on how to fix the issue with the font sizes, I backtracked from using the button directly and tried to connect it to the code. I found possible 4 places where either the font size gets set or where a function is being called in order to connect to a  listener to handle the method. After much investigation and looking up I stumbled across this piece of code.


So as you can tell someone already has the minimum and the maximum set for the font size, as such the solution was simply to change them to appropriate values. In this case 8 for minimum and 32 for maximum.

After fixing the bug I committed the changes locally and submitted the pull request at :

As of today the request has been merged to main branch and the issue is now fixed!

If you would like to work check out the thimble project here are the two links :

Thimble :

Brackets :


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