Release 0.2 bug fixes

For the 2.0 release I decided to take an issue regarding weird behavior with right click menu on firefox on a mac.

The link to the issue can be found here :

I think this issue will help me get more familiar with the way thimble and bracket interact and will help me explore more of the options on how to figure out an issue within the open source project.

Since this issue may be somewhat small depending on its fix, I will most likely end up grabbing another one once this is all figured out. The next issue I want to tackle, I want it to have more of a complicated fix as in more coding challenge rather than a small condition check.

One small issue I may run into is the problem being only persisted on one operating system. I do own a mac and my first task will be trying to replicate the issue, however I may need to switch gears depending whether or not this issue is able to be replicated on same system/ different system.

I will update on my findings and the next issue that I find on later blog posts.




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