OSD600 Lab 6 – Editor Comparison

For this lab I have decided to compare two popular code editors, Atom and Sublime text. Now to let you know right away I have not used atom ever, so it was more of a first impression kind of thing. Sublime on the other hand I have used but not have dived deeply into the customization and preferences of the editor. Here is what Atom looks like with Brackets opened :


Now I will show how to configure some of the features of the editor. First up lets try to search for a string in a file and then in the whole project.


As you can see finding things is rather simple in Atom, and the interface is not that bad when searching the entire project.

Next up to install additional extensions, all you simply need to do is Click Packages -> Setting View -> Install packages


Some common key binds you will find in the editor :

  • CTRL – F ( Search inside the file )
  • CTRL – SHIFT – F ( Search inside the project )
  • CTRL – L ( Select Line )
  • CTRL – SHIFT – +  (  Increase Font Size )
  • CTRL – SHIFT – –  ( Decrease Font Size )

There are many more key binds simply by looking around the top menu you will find lots of more useful binds you can use.

Next lets have a look on how to split the view.


Extensions – There are plenty of extensions for Atom, ranging from a variety of things such as auto text complete to simplified usage. The following extensions I loved the most :

  • Atom Beautify ( Cleans up javascript code to look nicer, and stylizing it so everything looks the same )
  • autocomplete-clang ( This is a autocomplete for C/C++, as many of my code is written in those languages, it is awesome for writing quicker and easier)
  • git-plus ( this allows for git control without using the command line interface inside atom)

Here is a look at how some of them function :

Beautify :




Thanks for reading, how you find an editor that is good enough for you :).


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