OSD600 Release 0.2 – Small fixes and adjustments

For this topic I choose two issues to work on :


However I wasn’t able to replicate the issue in 1728. I believe that has something to do with specific system configuration. When I tested on my machine I was able to have it working. So unfortunately was unable to help with that issue. However I feel like it may be better for someone with that issue to have a go at it, as it will be easier to test.

For issue-619 I did simple adjustments to the console logging that was present in some of the LiveDevelopment files. To summarize the changes :

remove console.log(delta);
remove console.log(“Edits applied to browser were:”);
remove console.log(JSON.stringify(result.edits, null, 2));

remove console.log(“You must connect to the WebSocket before sending messages.”);

console.log(“Invalid launcher object: “, launcher, new Error(“LiveDevMultiBrowser.setLauncher()”));

remove console.log(“Edits applied to browser were:”);
remove console.log(JSON.stringify(result.edits, null, 2));
console.log(“[Brackets LiveDev] Received message without method.”);

console.log(“[Brackets LiveDev] Error executing a handler for ” + msg.method);

remove console.log(“[Brackets LiveDev] No subscribers for message ” + msg.method);

console.log(“[Brackets LiveDev] Trying to send a response for a message with no ID”);

remove console.log(“Runtime.evaluate”);

console.log(“[Brackets LiveDev] Malformed message received: “, msgStr);

With current production version there are some that ran way too often like the Runtime.evalute log which ran every action look below :


This may be fine for a desktop version of the application where console is unseen, but for browser it fills it up with unnecessary waste and can cause it harder to debug. Nevertheless I removed those logs that I thought were being unnecessary, and kept those that are useful in terms of debugging an actual error handling function.

There is one more issue I kept track on, trying to figure out, but didn’t have enough time to. I am still looking at the side, and may want to ask for help for it, as it has thing I don’t really understand how they operate. The issue in question is :


It may need some discussion as it alters a functionality currently in the editor. But the solution does look promising as it makes it more friendly for the user to use.

I wish I had some more time to work on this release, but I had some issue during break week that needed to be handled. Will try to go for a big bug/ feature for next release thought!




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