OSD600 Release 0.4 and Course Conclusion

With the study term coming to an end, this will be the last release for the OSD600.

The bug had to do with thimbles  project activation button, it had a bad styling once pressed, which caused it to not change color making it harder for user to know what happens.

The fix required some CSS changes with dynamic linking of a class to adjust it.

For CSS :


We create a simple class and add properties to it that we want to give to our button. Then after the button is pressed we find the function that handles the event and call this line in order to add this class dynamically to the CSS.


In conclusion I want to say this course has been very useful in getting some real life coding practices and interactions with other people. Compared to other courses where everything is laid out to you, in here you have to commit by yourself in order to stay ahead. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to either work in open source or to get more hands on experience with source control and team oriented work.


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