SPO600 – Stage 3 and Final Thoughts

Pull request for changes : https://github.com/ctyler/spo600-glibc/pull/6

For the last stage I ended up pushing my local changes to the classes github. The final version that I ended up with for STRCSPN is the one I mentioned in the last post. Even thought the overall speed increase is rather small (  only about 2% ) the function is now far more readable and has an overall better run time.

As for final thoughts about the course, it is a great class that allows you to experience how and why we need to develop and optimize our software for variety of reasons, power consumption and performance are very important when it comes down to the core system, and need to be working at their maximum. I really enjoyed the assembly and the way course is taught. I highly recommend anyone interested in software portability and optimizations to take this course in the future.


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